Clean, Linked Data

Quality checked and linked together for easy analysis.

The core of Fidap is a golden source of high quality financial data. We gather this data from a variety of sources and clean it, structure it, and link it together. Here are the steps we go through

  1. Acquire data from a variety of sources, including regulatory institutions (such as the SEC), exchanges (such as Nasdaq and NYSE), and alternative data providers.
  2. Download the data and standardize the formats.
  3. Clean the data, including checking for outliers, schema changes, errors, missing values, and standardizing columnar values (eg, dates, currencies, etc).
  4. Ensure a consistent mapping between different products and data sources, including symbology and timezones.
  5. Link the data together, enforcing foreign key relationships that make data joining a breeze.
  6. Upload the data into highly performant and scalable cloud native data stores.

This process ensures that our clients can do complex analysis with ease and confidence.

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