Enterprise Services

White-glove services and support for institutional clients.

For our enterprise clients, we offer white-glove services and support that are tailored for larger asset managers, broker dealers, and banks responsible for billions in assets and transaction volumes.

As security selection, portfolio construction and risk management become more data driven, Fidap provides a managed service financial data platform that can seamlessly plug into institutional workflows.

Value added services for institutional clients include:

  1. Custom development - Our engineers and project managers can develop on top of Fidap or your applications to integrate our data and services.
  2. Research enablement - Our financial data experts can perform custom analyses for you in quick turnaround times when you need.
  3. On call support - Full time support for reliability you can depend on.
  4. Enterprise licensing - Department wide and firm wide licenses available.
  5. On premise deployment - Deploy within your own environment - whether on premise or your cloud instances.
  6. Product co-development - Develop with our product managers and engineers to make Fidap fit your use case.

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