Largest companies in New York

September 9, 2020

Today, we'll explore the largest companies in New York. Why? Well, I currently live here, Fidap is based here, and we have the best governor of all time (we're playing two truths and a lie, right?). Before we dig into the data - my intuition tells me that this will be dominated by financial companies - such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Blackrock. Maybe Pepsi and IBM - I think they are New York based as well. The location of companies' headquarters is not usually discussed much though, so let's see what the data tells us.

To get started, let's first find out how many companies there are in New York:

-- CODE language-sql --
select count(*) from WAREHOUSE_TICKER where location = ‘New York; U.S.A’

The result (as of this writing) is 435. In total, there are 4,149 stocks in the database. This means 10.5% of publicly listed stocks on US exchanges are headquartered in New York. Given that it only has 5.9% of the population of the US, we're looking pretty good in terms of corporate representation!

Let’s get a quick look at a the largest five of these companies -- we’ll grab some basic fields such as ticker, name,  market cap, and sector. If we add an “order by” clause, we can get the highest market caps --

-- CODE language-sql --
SELECT id, ticker, name, sector, marketcap
where location='New York; U.S.A' order by marketcap desc limit 5;

Household names like Mastercard, JP Morgan and Verizon appear at the top. I didn't know Pfizer was located in New York! In my guesses above, I only named two of the five (JP Morgan and Pepsi). I had no idea that Mastercard is worth so much!

Let's move on to check out the sectors represented in New York. I'd guess that Financial Services is top, maybe followed by Healthcare.

Let’s get a view of the most prominent sectors in New York:

-- CODE language-sql --
SELECT sector, count(ticker) as total_companies,
sum(marketcap) as total_marketcap, sum(assets) as
total_assets FROM WAREHOUSE_COMPANY where
location='New York; U.S.A' group by sector
order by total_marketcap desc

Unsurprisingly, financial services makes up the largest segment of companies in New York -- dominating both by market cap as well as by total companies. Consumer Defensive comes in next.

Let’s do something slightly more complex, and see the top company in each sector in this list as well --

-- CODE language-sql --
SELECT b.sector,
FROM warehouse_company a
 (SELECT sector,
         count(ticker) total_companies,
         sum(marketcap) total_marketcap,
         sum(assets) total_assets,
         max(marketcap) max_marketcap
  GROUP BY sector) b ON a.marketcap = b.max_marketcap
AND a.sector = b.sector
ORDER BY b.total_marketcap DESC;

Mastercard dominates financial services (interestingly, it is larger than any bank in New York in market cap terms), Pepsi, Pfizer, IBM and Verizon lead in Consumer Defensive, Healthcare, Technology and Communication Services respectively.

What other questions could we explore here? Feel free to reach out if you’re curious about something.

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